A Designer’s Art

Yale University Press (1985)

7.75 x 10 hardcover edition with 240 pages and 153 b/w illustrations and 55 color plates of work samples by the author. 27 Collected essays and illustrations of the work of possibly the most influential graphic designer of them all. This book is a revised and updated version of Thoughts on Design, Rand's legendary first book from 1947.

Paul Rand was the first recipient of the Florence Prize for Visual Communication in 1987.


“A monograph-cum-manifesto by America’s leading modernist designer and corporate communications pioneer… . This book describes design as a formal, aesthetic, and conceptual marriage of rationalism and wit.”
—Lingua Franca

… [He] describes his work with the same precision, economy, and passion he displays in his graphic designs, and he lets us understand the nature of his relationships with his clients, his audience, and his art.”
—Alan Fern, New York Times Book Review

“The outstanding design book of the year.”
—Thomas Hine, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“In a profession that is constantly pulled toward the banal, the trivial, and the predictable, the history of [Rand’s] accomplishment keeps us honest.”
—Milton Glaser

“In the future I will present this book to our Swiss printers as the measure of quality.”
—Josef Muller-Brockman, Zurich

— Randall Ross of modernism101.com

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