Education of Vision

Edited by Gyorgy Kepes
George Braziller Inc., (1965)

The broad objectives in the creation of this volume have been stated by the editor: “The living reintegration of all aspects of our life on the new parameter of the 20th century knowledge…is our great contemporary challenge, and in this work the imaginative power of creative vision could have a central role…A key task of our time is the education of vision—the development of our neglected, atrophic sensibilities. We need to integrate the knowledge we have about the process of vision, the didactic devices to develop it, and the concrete territories where creative vision can be put to service. The first step is to define the scope and nature of our image-making faculty. The, based upon this knowledge, we must survey the factors that can facilitate its development" the impact of the visual environment on the one hand, and on the other the pedagogical processes that can train our visual sensibilities.”

Paul Rand’s contribution to this volume is one of his most popular—an essay titled "Design and the Play instinct".


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