Paul Rand: His Works from 1946-1958

Yusaku Kamekura
Alfred A. Knopf (1959)

10.25 x 9.75 hardcover book with 132 pages and 150 plates, including 31 in color (both spot and 4-color process). Includes four sets of notes on Paul rand by Kamekura, Bernard Rudofsky, Giovanni Pintori and Hans Schleger, followed by sections on Rand’s work on poictures and billboards, newspaper advertisements, magazine advertisements, packaging and product design, direct mail, jacket designs, covers and illustrations and paintings, with an additional section by Kamekura on “One Day with Paul Rand”, and biographical notes. The book was produced in Japan, and the text is in both Japanese and English.

From the inside jacket flap:

This book is first of all a careful and reasonably complete record of Paul Rand’s work in the past ten years, illustrated in over 150 plates (31 in color) including examples of his non-commercial easel painting. The breadth of this work is readily apparent in the examples, ranging from large-scale advertising campaigns to book jackets.

Of almost equal interest is the fact that the book is a unique tribute to the universality of the work it displays, having been produced in its entirety in Japan, edited by Yusaku Kamekura (himself a distinguised designer) in close consultation with Paul Rand. There are informal texts by Bernard Rudofsky, Giovanni Pintori, and Hans Schleger, as well as Yusaku Kamerkura.

In brief, the book offers a definitive selection of the work of an artist who has consistently refused to approach commercial art on any but the highest levels of the creative imagination, where wit and intelligence, combined with the completely inventive use of symbols, are transformed into a delight for the eye and the mind. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no one in the graphics field who could not learn from this book.


Lightweight slipcase designed by Rand amd made in Japan with staples at top and bottom.

— Randall Ross of

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