Conversations with Paul Rand

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Conversations with Paul Rand
28 minutes
A Film by Preston McClanahan
Music by Noel McClanahan

Paul Rand was one of the foremost designer/artists in America. A pioneer in many areas of the visual arts, his work remains relevant today Rand’s books:Thoughts on Design and From Lascaux to Brooklyn are guide-posts to the art of visual communication.

In this film, Rand shares his conclusions on design, fine art, form and content from his lifetime of practice.

— Preston McClanahan

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A quote from Steve Heller of the NY Times:

Preston McClanahan’s documentary Conversations with Paul Rand captures the wit and wisdom of America’s leading design pioneer and provides insight into the methods of a master who transformed graphic design.

This film is required viewing for anyone interested in the history and practice of visual communication.

A short, 5:43 preview of the film:

Some sample frames:

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